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Low Hanging Fruit

A quick look at the Summit Cheeseburger website revealed two things.  1: No one had logged a summit a while and 2:  Sierra’s Regulars hadn’t picked off all the low hanging summits close to home.   I decided it was time to get back in to the summit groove and informed the girls to gear up for a hike.  It was a chilly, blustery evening  and to stay warm we moved quickly towards the summit.  Once the objective was reached we found that the USGS marker had been pried off the rock since the last documented summit of that peak.  Cheeseburgers were enjoyed and we headed up to the ridge Living Room then down the gully back to the cars.

Throw back to 2013

On July 4, 2013 we took an early morning jaunt to the summit of Box Elder peak via the trailhead emanating from Granite Flats campground. Almost a year prior, amidst large swaths of forest fires in this area, I’d aborted my initial summit burger bid due to impeding trail closures. Instead, I lay down for a cheeseburger in the broad meadow shy of the summit trail and made plans to return. The return trip was an uncharacteristically misty, rainy summer morning, and the terrain and hike were tranquil and unmolested.  It was our first true summit cheeseburger, Mia’s first ever whopper, and a perfect chance to nap in an alpine setting.


Early morning mist



Summit cheeseburgers



Alpine napping



Summit view on descent


A beautiful day in Acadia

Although it took me a while to figure out where the trail that I wanted to hike was, it was very much worth it. I took the ladder and Schiff Path up. The trail was probably one of my favorite types of trails. I loved that all I had to do was walk up some stairs, climb up a couple of ladders, and wiggle through a couple of tight rock crevices. Once on the upper part of the mountain, it got tricky because it was just one big rock. I was a bit concerned about sliding on some of the slippery wet areas. It took much precision to navigate the area. When I went, there was no one else on the trail except a furry Chipmunk friend. I paused when I saw him, kind of made a kissing noise at it which is when he disappeared. He then reappeared through the rock about a foot away from me. I think he associates hikers with food. I did not feed him, but I talked to him for a few seconds and snapped his picture. Once to the top, there was one other person who took a different trail. The day was clear and gorgeous! On the top, I half enjoyed a McDonalds cheeseburger. I think next time I will prepare and bring a better quality burger in the future.

A Grandeur Day in November

After a few years of cheeseburger summiting, I am kind of embarrassed to say that one summit I had not completed was "my mountain".... Grandeur Peak right above my house. I had hiked it before, but never with a cheeseburger in hand. A beautiful November day seemed like a grand day to conquer Grandeur Peak, so I hit the trail with runs_with_kona, and of course, Kona also joined us. It was a fantastic day for a late fall hike, we enjoyed the city views from the top, and celebrated runs_with_konas inaugural cheeseburger summit!

Memorials on Calton Hill

Calton Hill is surrounded by historic buildings, cobblestone roads and cemetaries near downtown Edinburgh, Scotland.  The hill is home to a few memorials including an acropolis-like memorial to veterans, and the Nelson Monument honoring a famous Scottish adminal.  And it is a cheeseburger summit.

Cheeseburger summit.

Lord Nelson's Monument.

Veteran's monument on Calton Hill.

Another monument on Calton Hill.


Cheeseburgers (not haggis) in Scotland?

While at a conference in Edinburgh, I had better conquer a cheeseburger summit.  There are a couple within walking distance of the hotel, so off to McDonald's to get prepared.  Just up from the Palace of Holyroodhouse is Arthur's Seat, site of an ancient volcano, and popular hike for residents and visitors alike.

The top of Aruthur's Seat.

Remnants of castle ruins on the trail up to the top.

Cheeseburger on top.

View of Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth from the top of Arthur's Seat.

Two O'Clock at Five O'Clock

We have cheeseburgers, we have time, and we have motivation.  Let's bag another one while we're way over in Tooele.

In Tooele, either the USGS markers are removed, or they are covered with piles of rocks.  I started moving rocks at the top of the mountain to find the marker, but when a HUGE, hairy spider crawled out from under one, I decided that the marker must be safely covered with rocks.

View of Settlement Canyon Reservoir from the top of Two O'Clock.

Tooele, the Great Salt Lake, and Antelope Island in the background of the delicious cheeseburger.

Fall has descended on the west side of the Oquirrh's.

And then we went to the car races.  Very fast and very loud.

One O'Clock at Four O'Clock

While in the town of Tooele, I was able to bag another cheeseburger summit that was nearby.  There was another one of those private property signs stating that motorized vehicles were not allowed.  Using the same logic as last time, we walked up the trail to the peak, armed with only our cheeseburgers and camera.

We couldn't find the USGS marker, but this marked the top.  Maybe it was on top of the actual marker?

View from the top of One O'Clock.

View of Two O'Clock from One O'Clock.  It's only Four O'Clock so we have time to get there by Five O'Clock, and we have more cheeseburgers in hand.  See the next post.

Another Little Mountain

I was lured to the Miller Motorsports car races by the promise of potential unconquered cheeseburger summits close by.  Lo and behold, there are three close to Tooele, one of which is yet another Little Mountain.  Boo-burger and I were met by a sign indicating that we were about to go onto private property and that no motor vehicles were allowed.  Since we were hiking on foot, and since the summit was within sight, and since we were armed with cheeseburgers, it seemed OK to go, right Boo?

Not a typical USGS marker, but it was on the top of Little Mountain.

View of Tooele from the top.

Boo-burger enjoying her delicious cheeseburger at the top.

Ecker Hill adventure at moonrise

We got a later than expected start up Ecker Hill after our "Blocked" cheeseburger summit (see below).  A little darkness wasn't going to deter us though.

Ecker Hill was Utah's first world class ski venue.  Interestingly, Utah's 2002 Olympic world class ski jumping venue is just a stone's throw away.

Remnants of the old ski jump.

It was getting pretty dark, the trail seemed to be heading around the mountain instead of up, and we were just about to give up and try the summit another day, when Boo-burger found the trail heading up to the peak.  She must have known that the only way she was going to get that cheeseburger was if we made it to the top.

Base of the flagpole at the top of Ecker Hill.  We arrived just as the moon was rising--what a site!

Cheeseburgers at the summit in the dark.