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Wade Mountain

It appears that summitting cheesburgers is gaining momentum in the heart of Dixie! On Saturday, January 31, 2009 a group of 21 geocachers banded together to climb Wade Mountain on the north end of Huntsville, AL in Madison County. I had turned cheeseburger summiting into a geocache event ( and that interested a few nuts!

For those taking the most direct route up and back it was a little over five miles round trip, with a change in elevation of about 750' . For those who could not turn down the opportunity to find just one more cache, well that group made this a 7+ mile extraveganza. We did break up and come up in groups. The first group to the top were our summit chefs(Keymaker and Vesole), who packed campstove and suppply to make their own burger up top! Later came ClarkBowman and The_Rebel, then David, ParrGolf, and Rick618. The rest of us arrived in one big wave including VolCachers, ToisRUs, cbianca, chrisiris, HaresEar, KD4DCE, momentforus, snoopy dog dee, wayne_etc, and myself..... Heres's a few pictures of the whole affair!

Pilot Knob CheeseBurger

 photo Pilot Knob_zpsmaox5cyd.jpg Another Summit tackled by the Southern Geocacher's Association. We had a Great time chowing down on another Cheeseburger on another Summit. Myself, Clarkbowman, along with The_Rebel an 12 other cachers enjoyed marking this one on our list of Completed Summits.

Monte Sano Mountain

 photo Monte Sano_zpsycqrbd94.jpg I actually set up and Attended this event. for some reason it never posted to my completed summits. 05/17/2009

Waumanona Mound Cheese Burger

Southern Geocacher's Association had a great time at their Waumanona Mound Cheese Burger Event. Not the tallest of peaks, but some great history here. The museum here contains Native American artifacts dating back over 10,000 years, arranged in chronological order from Paleo to Historic periods that are all related to this area. The event was atended by Myself, Clarkbowman, The_Rebel, Catching Cacher, Blugras and Will2003. Thanks for the fun and here is to many more Summits and a Cheeseburger. This event took place 09/03/2009

Elephant Rock

Since Elephant Rock is only 3 miles from Seven Sisters I took my time getting there.  Had to let the first two burgers digest.  But an hour later I found myself at Elephant Rock, ate my last burger and headed back to the hotel.  


Seven Sisters

Just down the road from Beehive Rock is a formation called Seven Sisters.  A group of 7 big rocks, but an official summit nonetheless.  And another burger was consumed.


Beehive Burger

On a recent trip to Nevada I found myself hungry and bored with the big city.  Whats a girl to do?  A few Cheeseburger summits, thats what!  I stopped at the In & Out Burger on I15 and Tropicana Blvd and picked up 3 regular cheesburgers with onions and headed to the Valley of Fire, about an hour north of Vegas.

First stop was Beehive Rock.  By the time I got there I was starving so I didnt bother to read the placards describing how the beehive rock was formed.  I ate my burger and headed to the next stop.


Back to my Homeland; First Cheeseburger Summit in Poland

Wow.  Here I am in Krakow Poland with my Polish cousin who I haven't seen since we were teenagers.  What are we going to do?  A cheeseburger summit, of course.  And visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  Krakow is home to Europe's oldest university and is where Copurnicus, the famous Polish mathemetician studied.

The cheeseburger summit is at the top of a famous hill in Krakow.  This mound was built to commemorate a famous Pole, Tadeusz Kosciuszki, who not only fought for freedom and independence in Poland, but fought in the American revolutionary war in the U.S.

 View in the distance of the Kosciuszko Mound.  This photo was taken from the Royal Castle in old town Krakow.

Zoomed in.

Cheeseburger on top!  Notice the Polish flag.

First Cheeseburger Summit log for Naomi Peak!

Naomi Peak is the highest point in in the Bear River Range, and in Cache County Utah.  It sits at 9,979', and is a 7.2 mile hike, round trip.  Not only was this our first cheesburger summit, it's the first time anyone has done Naomi Peak as a Cheesburger Summit.  

We did our hike, on August 29, 2015.  I'm just late in makeing the post.  We started early in the day, with all 8 of the dino_hunter clan.  Our ages ranged from 39 to 3.  It took a long time to get to the top.  Our 3 year old made it the entire way, under his own power!  That was an impressive feat.  

At the top, we broke out the cheesburgers, and smiled for a few pictures.  Everyone thought I was crazy for wanting to do this, but they all REALLY enjoyed their hamburgers.  They all wished I had brought more of them.  We'll have to do this on some more summits next year.


Sometimes getting there is tough....

Sometimes getting there is tough....

... other times, not so much.


Well, I did have to fly to Sacramento to conquer this beast.... and enlist my daughter to provide moral support. Moral support because being a vegetarian means she can't be a true cheeseburger summiteer, but being a good daughter she was willing to aid and abet her momma by providing the get-a-way-to-the-summit car for this mission.

After picking up a burger and an 'almost' burger we hopped in the car and drove the 2.9 miles to the Shell station that perches atop Whisky Hill. A little GPS action and we figured out that despite the higher appearing planter bed to the west, the summit, all of 33 feet high, was located right in the middle of the gas station entry way. It was there I munched my yummy cheeseburger and my daughter ate her cheese-no-burger while taking in the view as the road slopes down to the city's elevation of 13 feet.

The fellow working behind the counter was surprised to learn he was working Sacramento's summit!