My nephew and hiking partner didn't want to stick around so I got out of there

Well, hells bells, why not??

Posted Mon, 04/06/2016 - 22:22

While we were up in Albion Basin earlier in the week, Sierra suggested we hike this weekend and I said Its my 50th cheeseburger summit and how appropriate it is to do such a spectacular hike The trail was crowded but Sierra set a fast pace and we made it to Red Pine Lake in 90 minutes From there it was a bit of a slog to the ridge where we got our first look at our goal. Looked a little steep

As we were crossing the ridge to the base of the Pfiefferhorn, we were entertained by the profanity spewing from Sierra's mouth. Apparently she doesnt like the exposure. We finally made it to the top and ate our burgers, enjoyed the view and headed back down to the car for celebratory beverages

And so we struck out on Saturday July 11, from the overflowing White Pine parking lot.

Posted Wed, 03/06/2015 - 18:00

As we approached the summit snow started to fall and we could hear thunder far off. People have died from lightning strike up here. So when got to the top we signed the log and took a picture Shortly after heading back down I yelled I forgot. The wind was blowing so hard Jacob didn't hear me. I took off my pack and started ruffling through it. Now ever farther away he asked what I forgot

My sister, her son and I headed for Half Dome from the Sunrise Lakes trailhead. When my sister saw the ladder she decided she was done. Knowing I was heading to Michigan I made sure that I scoped out at least one Cheeseburger Summit and since I was seeing family, they had no choice but to drive me there


Hikers with Summits: 121

Summits Completed: 632

Cheeseburgers Served: 1374

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I think we may have been better off saving this summit for winter as the Strawberry Gondola does not run in the summer, but when it is running, deposits one about a 20 minute walk from Strawberry Peak

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