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The Mission:
To encourage, enable, and document the consumption of a Cheeseburger on every summit on earth.


What do I need to do to join the Summit Cheeseburger quest?
It's easy! Grab a cheeseburger, hike a peak, and eat the cheeseburger on the summit. Let the rest of us know about your hike by writing a short Post.
Why should I register on the site?
Well, you're going to need to if you want to post your cheeseburger summits. But, in addition, you'll get access to summit and hiker information that's not available if you don't. Anyways, it's quick and easy - just go to the Sign in/Register link.
Why not something good like brie sandwiches instead of Cheeseburgers?
You're kidding, aren't you? The iconic Cheeseburger is the perfect outdoor performance food. Brie sandwiches - come on!
What about a veggie burger?
Alright, that's too many burger questions. It's time for you to read the Rules. You'll learn that the meat patty must be of mammalian origin (with a few exceptions).
How do I submit a Cheeseburger Summit to the web site?
We ask that you write a short Post to the site to tell others about your adventure. Photos are especially welcome. To submit a post, find your summit by searching or browsing from the Summit Page. If you're signed in, you'll see a large "Write a Post" button to the right. The button will take you to the Post entry page for that summit. You'll just have to write up a short description of the hike (or anything else you want to write about), names of the hikers that ate cheeseburgers on the summit, and (we hope) some photos. More detailed instructions can be found at the How to Post link.
Can I hike a peak more than once?
Sure. Overall, we're counting the number of distinct peaks that are summited but why not enjoy a few extra burgers along the way? Go ahead and post your repeat burgers. Maybe we'll reach one billion served.
Can I hike a peak someone else has already done?
Absolutely. An important feature of Summit Cheeseburger is to encourage your exploration of new terrain. New summits mean new views - and another excuse to eat a cheeseburger.
My peak isn't listed in the database - how can I enter it?
Unfortunately, our database does not contain every named summit on earth - although we have nearly 500,000 listed already. If you're aware of a named summit that's not in the database, go to the Add a Summit link (you need to be signed in) and enter the required summit information (name, latitude, longitude, elevation, etc.). We'll wake our crack team of cartographers, and they'll make sure your peak ends up in the database.
The location (latitude, longitude) or elevation of my peak is incorrect - can it be fixed?
We realize that many of the latitudes, longitudes, and elevations supplied with the GeoNames database are a bit off. We'd like to correct these errors as we complete peaks. Please submit corrections using the Edit a Summit link (you need to be signed in). It'll help the next hiker.
How do I credit my friends that hiked with me?
If they ate a cheeseburger on the summit, they should receive credit. Your friends will have to register on the site so that you'll be able to add them by editing your Post. You can add registered hikers even long after initially posting the hike.
Why cheeseburgers?
One word - flavor.