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The Mission:
To encourage, enable, and document the consumption of a Cheeseburger on every summit on earth.

How to Post


So you've climbed a peak and eaten a juicy, delicious (or, more likely, a cold) cheeseburger and you want credit for your incredible accomplishment. You need to write a Post. First off, if you haven't yet, register as a user on the site. This will provide you permission to edit a new post.

Find the Summit Page

To get to the Write a Post page you'll need to find the Summit Page for the peak you just climbed. Start in the Summits section and navigate your way to the appropriate Summit Page. Check the embedded map to ensure that you've found the correct summit. If you can't find your summit in the Summit Cheeseburger database go to Add a Summit to get your peak entered. Once you're on the right page you'll find a button labeled Write a Post on the right sidebar. Click it. This will take you to the post editing page. Note that only one peak can be entered for each post. If you climbed (and ate cheeseburgers on) more than one peak during your hike you'll need to submit multiple posts.

Write Your Post

Enter a title for the post and begin writing the post. The post can be long or short (more than 25 words), informative or amusing. Some people write about the hike, some write about the cheeseburger, and others just go off on a tangent. Maybe a little about the summit would be nice. The summit name, date, and your name are already attached to this post, so you don't need to list out this information in the post.

Give Credit To The Hikers

You'll also need to enter the hikers (users) that ate cheeseburgers on the summit. Be sure to include yourself. Just start typing in the hiker box and the program will attempt to fill in the username. Select the one you want. If you need to add more than a pair of hikers, click the Add another item button to open up additional hiker boxes. If your hiking friends haven't registered with the site you won't be able to give them credit. Ask them to sign in.

Add Photos

A few photos of the hike, the summit, the hikers, or the burgers will be enjoyed by others. To upload your photos, follow the instructions below:

  • Click the Image icon located on the task bar of the text editor. This will open a dialog box entitled Image Properties. You can enter a URL to your photo here or proceed to upload an image from your computer.
  • Click on the blue Browse Server button to open another window called File Browser.
  • Locate and click the Upload link on top of the window. Either enter the filepath in the field provided or click the Browse button to find the image file on your computer.
  • After you've found your image file, click the Upload button. The image should appear in the file browser. Repeat the last two steps to upload additional photos.
  • Highlight the row containing your desired photo and click the Send to ckeditor link at the top of the window.
  • The image will now appear in the Image Properties box. You can resize it here or later, in the text box. When you're ready click the green OK button and your image will appear in the text box.

The photos must be uploaded by the author into his/her account; otherwise, the photos cannot be attached to the post.

Save Post for Posterity

When everything's ready, save this gem. The post serves as documented evidence of a successful cheeseburger summit and will encourage others to head for the hills, cheeseburger in hand.