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The Mission:
To encourage, enable, and document the consumption of a Cheeseburger on every summit on earth.

What's New

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Happy New Year! Here's wishing you a wonderful 2012.

The past year provided many Summit Cheeseburger highlights. Over the past year over 100 mountains (and other hill-like objects) were summited with cheeseburgers. Nine countries were represented including the first ascents ever in Argentina, Austria, Ecuador and Japan. In the US, summits in 15 different states were completed. Some of the most striking summits posted in the past year involved technical climbs; examples include Devils Tower, Half Dome, Disappointment Peak, and Squaw Mountain.

Summit cheeseburgers were enjoyed by 35 different hikers during last year. Those with the greatest number of summits / largest appetites are listed below. 

Hiker #
1. Krusty Bunz 18
2. adk46r2783 14
3. amateurhour 12

For a complete list of hikers in 2011 look here.

We're looking forward to a producctive and enjoyable 2012 Summit Cheeseburger season. The effort recently passed 1,000 cheeseburgers consumed and we're on the cusp of 500 completed summits - just a few more are needed!

More, more, more British Hills

As a very belated wedding present for the royal couple, Summit Cheeseburger has added 4500 additional British peaks to the database. We anxiously await Will and Kate's first post - can we suggest a Burger King burger?

The newest peaks/hills are compiled from the Database of British Hills. The number of British summits has now been quadrupled, presenting hikers like Krusty Bunz, Marquis de Boeuf, Dairy Lee, Alex, Chief Running Nose, and Hobgoblin with many additional opportunities (or responsibility). Best of luck!


The problems haunting the site the past few days have been repaired. If you notice any problems that we haven't caught shoot us an e-mail at


Our site has been moved to a new server breaking most of the functionality of the site. We're working on restoring Summit Cheeseburger to its former glory but it's taking more time then we'd like. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope to be back up and running soon.

We're Back!

We experienced a few problems over the weekend and the site was down for about two days - sorry about that.  We did our best to restore the last few posts to the site. Things seem to be running well now - just in time for spring (unless you're in the southern hemisphere) hiking. Looking forward to your posts!

Mapping Mania

The cooler autumn weather has brought out a lot of activity on the Summit Cheeseburger site. That's great. The project is coming up on 400 completed peaks, maybe we can flush out a few unwritten posts or encourage you to head out for a nice fall hike, so the project can reach this milestone. We also want to tell you about a few new map features that may make your search for your next cheeseburger summit a bit easier.

Neighboring Summits

The neighboring summits page has been redesigned to display the nearest 200+ summits to any summit in the database. You can access this from any "Summit Page". Look for the "Map of Neighboring Summits" link just below the list of nearest summits. We've made an attempt to update other links to the "Neighbors" page to navigate to this new page, but there are a few stragglers out there - we'll track 'em down.

The markers for each of the summits are now color-coded. Red markers designate summits that have not been completed. Completed summits are marked with a blue marker. If you're signed in, peaks that you have completed will be marked with a purple marker. We hope this makes finding peaks in need of a cheeseburger easier for you.

Try out these few sample links:

If you're the kind of person that memorizes map coordinates you can also enter the latitude and longitude to retrieve a map centered exactly where you want it.

Search by Map aka "Magic Mountain Finder"

This is nice - it works with the "Neighboring Summits" page to return summits located near any point on the globe. Navigate to this page by the "Magic Mountain Finder" link located on the "Summits" main page. A map with a single marker is provided. Drag this marker to the location you're interested in, drop it there, and click on the "Find Nearby Summits" button. You'll get a map with the nearest 200+ summits clearly marked. The markers are color-coded as described above.

The search tool attempts to initially center the marker somewhere near your present location, but if it can't figure that out it defaults to Salt Lake City, UT.

Map of All Completed Summits

We've had this one for a while, but as we added completed summits this page started to slow down - way down. The code has been rewritten to quickly generate a world map with all the completed cheeseburger summits on it. Each summit is marked with a mini cheeseburger icon! You can find the map HERE.

...and finally, if you're not registered on the site - please do so. It's very simple. We definitely need your help to scale all 500,000 summits on earth with a cheeseburger.

New Hikers Lists!

Due to popular demand, hiker lists can now be generated for each calendar year. For instance, to see who's been scaling the most peaks this year, go to You can also go back in time to see what was happening in every year since the inception of Summit Cheeseburger in 2006.

The All-Time Hiker Standings have been improved too. Click on the star () next to a hiker's trail handle to "feature" them on the right-hand side of the page. You'll get a summary of their accomplishments, links to their most recent summits, and a list of other hikers they've summited with. Finally - for our furry friends - canine hikers can now be easily identified by the paw print next to their trail handles. 'Hope you like the improvements.

Two New Features - Progress Chart and Visitor Map

It's been a great summer so far at Summit Cheeseburger. Of special note, we've seen our first cheeseburger summits in Africa; Dopsteer and the continent's high point, Kilimanjaro. Great work! Summits continue to fall in Europe including first ascents in Hungary (Varhegy) and Spain (San Cristobal). Here in the United States we can marvel at incredible feats of hiking, climbing and burger eating with most, but not all, of the recent activity in the western states.

The site has seen some effort too, and we've added two new pages for your amusement. The first new page - Completed Summits Chart - displays the overall progress of the Summit Cheeseburger effort. The number of summits achieved is plotted beginning with the first cheeseburger summit in 2006. Every additional summit is added to this chart as it is posted. We're on a pace to complete our current list of summits in just under 6,400 years. That's too long, so please help make the curve steeper by enjoying a tasty cheeseburger on your next mountain adventure. The second new page - Visitor Map - provides the locations of the last 200 visitors to the Summit Cheeseburger site. You'll see that visitors to the site come from all over the globe. The world-wide distribution of site visitors reflects the ambitious scope of the Summit Cheeseburger effort and its goal of eating a cheeseburger on every summit on earth.

Finally, if you haven't yet registered on the site, do so. It's quick and easy; you don't need to enter any personal information - just a trail handle and your general location. By registering you'll be able to receive credit for your Summit Cheeseburger accomplishments and can post stories to the site. Simply stop by the SignIn Page.

MyTopo Maps on Summit Cheeseburger!

Summit Cheeseburger has teamed up with to provide our hikers with US Geological Survey 7.5' quadrangles and Natural Resources Canada maps. These sets of maps cover the entire US and Canada with detailed topographic information. MyTopo maps are available as an option on each Summit Page. In addition, we've added a new large map page for US and Canadian summits. These can be accessed through the link above the map on each Summit Page. For an example, take a look at the map for the most recent cheeseburger summit, Burnt Hill (click here). MyTopo also provides custom printed topographical maps that are waterproof and tear resistant. You can build your own custom centered and sized map starting from any US or Canadian summit in our database. This can be a great alternative to purchasing a stock map... or the two, four, or more needed to cover the area you want. A link to their service is provided at the bottom of the "large map page."

Building a Better Summit Cheeseburger

Welcome to the new This new site has been redesigned from the ground up to make it easy to find summit and hiker information, to post cheeseburger summit conquests, and to provide instant updates of lists, maps, and charts. We are in the process of transferring all posts from the old site to this new, improved site - please be patient with the slow, methodical progress this effort requires. Remember, this upgrade is about the future - a future of tasty, nutritious cheeseburgers and challenging summits. This new site is designed to inspire even more amazing feats of cheeseburger summiteering.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will need to Register on the new site

If you had access to the old site, it's been discontinued and you'll have to re-register on the new site at It's easy to do. If you didn't have, or need, access to the old site, please sign in to the new site - you will need this access! Only registered hikers/users will receive credit for cheeseburger summits and only summits conquered by registers hikers/users will be counted towards our goal. In addition, registered users can submit posts directly to the site and are provided with features that are not available to anonymous visitors.

  • You will now have access to a much Larger Summit Database

The new summit database is prepopulated with nearly 500,000 named summits from around the world, so there won't be a shortage of new summits to scale anytime soon. You'll be able to browse by continent, country, state, or county and search for your summit of interest. Embedded terrain maps are provided for all peaks and tools are provided that allow you to identify nearby summits. If you find that a particular peak is not available in the database, there's a way to submit it to the Summit Cheeseburger staff of cartographers.

  • Vastly Improved Posting

What could be more prestigious than receiving credit for a cheeseburger summit? How about authoring a post? The process for submitting posts has been redesigned to seamlessly, and instantly, update the lists of completed summits and hiker "standings." Part of the Summit Cheeseburger challenge is submitting the post - a duty - to amuse and educate the reading public. From now on, we're asking for a separate post for each summit, even if multiple peaks were scaled on a single hike. This will support our ability to update the complete summit and hiker lists. There are instructions on the site to guide you through this process. Once you've saved your post, the Summit Cheeseburger database is instantly updated and your contribution will be recognized as part of the collective progress toward consuming a CHEESEBURGER ON EVERY SUMMIT ON EARTH!

  • Still Some Construction

The new Summit Cheeseburger site is up and running but a few links may be missing and some features have not yet been released so please "pardon the dust". And as mentioned before, the old posts from this site have not all been moved over, but this will happen over the coming months. Unfortunately, your witty comments of the past four years will be left behind. If you notice any problems please let us know at Comments and suggestions are also welcome, but please realize that the number of unfinished tasks is still large, so your request will probably be joining a rather long list.

  • Enjoy Cheeseburgers

Sure, waste some quality time looking through the new site, but mostly we hope that the new encourages you to get out into the hills with a cheeseburger in hand.