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The Mission:
To encourage, enable, and document the consumption of a Cheeseburger on every summit on earth.

Grandeur Peak 2012!

With the acute lack of snow in the Wasatch skiing isnt much fun this year. Whats a girl to do? This girl called Sierra to see if she was in the mood for a hike! So we deicided that Granduer Peak would be our best option due to the mostly south facing trail all the way to the top. It was very convenient that Sierra had left over cheeseburgers from her dinner the night before! We got going about 10:30 and Sierra, ever the optimist, said we'd peak by noon. I had other plans as I was coming down with a cold and am out of shape. Seems that many had the same idea and the trail ws crowded with overdressed people and lots of dogs! We finally made it to the top at 12:30 and ate a delicious burger! Our first of 2012! Many more to come, hopefully!


Grandeur Peak Jan 1, 2012

Grandeur Peak

Jan 1, 2012