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The Mission:
To encourage, enable, and document the consumption of a Cheeseburger on every summit on earth.

Sugar Camp Hill. Brule, WI

If at first you don't succeed, wait twelve months and try again.  

That's the motto I used when pursuing Sugar Camp Hill, located deep in the woods of northern Wisconsin.  For an understanding of what happened when I tried this summit a year ago, please see the following dialogue:

Me: Ok, map says we just turn right onto Fire Tower Road here and we'll be to the summit a half mile later.

kroeg016: Ok, but what are you gonna do about that snowbank that's blocking the road?

Me: Meh, we'll just drive around it.  Here goes...

--Approximately 3 seconds later--

kroeg016: Umm, I think we're stuck.

Me: Yup, Get out and push.

--10 minutes later--

kroeg016: This isn't working, you got a shovel in your car?

Me: Nope, but I have two hockey sticks, let's dig.              

Another ten minutes passed, and the car was at last free (Moral of the story: Always carry a hockey stick).  Feeling rather ashamed, we aborted the mission altogether and went back to where we came from.  That was 2011, this year would be a new story.  

--One Year Later--

Acompanied by jmunch, I made the turn onto the infamous Fire Tower Road once again.  This time, I peacefully parked my car in front of the snowbank which blocked the road, and the hike was on.  


In true Wisconsin fashion, the summit was reached 10 minutes later.  In an effort to compensate for my prior failures, I decided that we would gain a few style points by ascending the fire tower itself.


5 minutes and about 100 ladder steps later, we each had a cold burger in hand and one of the finest views in Douglas County.  

For what it's worth. It looks like this marks the 500th summit completed.  Go Team Go.




Nice Job Guys!  The hockey

Nice Job Guys! 

The hockey stick is an all important tool.  It makes a great air guitar, bass, or microphone also.  And climbing the tower adds a nice touch.