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Mt. St. Helens

On 5/4/13 we set out with over 350 other permit-carrying climbers on one of the last days of the season you can climb Mt. St. Helens before quotas are enforced. We were blessed with bluebird skies, temperatures in the 70s at the base, thick slushy snow all the way to the summit, and mostly perfect weather aside from a few strong gusts. After reaching the top of the Worm Flows route and taking in the incredible views of Rainier, Adams, and Hood behind us, we traversed to the west towards what the GPS calculated to be the true summit (8,365'). Nasty cornices and deep untouched powder kept us from reaching the exact point, but we were well beyond the crowds and able to enjoy some delicious Burgerville burgers in solitude. After making our way back to the regular descent paths we took advantage of the many butts that had come before us that day and had carved out some 4000' glissade trails down to the base. We made it back to the parking lot after about 8 hours, where tank-topped tail-gaiters had beers and more cheeseburgers waiting. 


Mt. St. Helens cheeseburgers provided by Burgerville


Mt. St. Helens' first recorded cheeseburger ascent!

1 day, 4 women, 5 doggies, 4 cheeseburgersummits, a lot of burgers

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City Creek Benchmark—part 1 of 4

Groundround says we can do three, maybe four cheeseburger summits in half a day or less.  And she'll make the cheeseburgers.  So gather the troops including dogs, stay up all night preparing mini-garlic burgers, and set off on a Sunday morning from far above Utah's Capitol Building.

It was a beautiful day for a hike, partly cloudy, snow all melted, a few flowers blooming; incredible views of the Salt Lake Valley, Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island, and the Wasatch Mountains.

Start off with the highest peak of the day.  The directions said to head for the peak with the cell towers.  Interestingly, there were several peaks around here with lots of cell towers; the peak must be the highest one.  Yup.

Nice view from the top


Mount Theodore Roosevelt, Lawrence County, South Dakota

After a strenuous multi-mile drive and an imposing walk of hundreds of feet we climbed the thirty-one foot summit "Friendship Tower" with ten cheeseburgers and a backpack full of beer.  Celebrating our buddy Adam's bachelorhood before he marries this summer made for a great opportunity to explore some of the "mountain" tops of the beautiful Black Hills in South Dakota.  

Derrick, Jerry, Nick, Adam, Jason, Matt, Mike (wotboy), Jon, Ben, Jason, Steve, and Sam (samh)

Turkey Mountain. Tulsa, OK

Another trip down south, another opportunity.  This time the destination was Tulsa, and the opportunity was to claim the first summit cheeseburger in the Sooner State.  Yes, please. 

After waiting a day for a break in the rain, the sun came out and I rushed to the park to get underway.

Hiking this 800 foot monster was easy, finding a view acceptable for the Summit Cheeseburger community was not.  Here's my best effort:


Bloody Hill: Republic, MO.

With my past two summit attempts almost resulting in vehement beatdowns (one at the hands of an inebriated man on the street, one at the hands of an impatient ski patroller), it seemed only fitting that my next summit cheeseburger take place in a location defined by a beatdown: Wilson's Creek National Battlefield.

After a short history lesson indoors I headed out for a vehicular tour around the battlefield.  Last Stop: Bloody Hill, just a sort jaunt off of the road overlooking an imaginary stampede of greybacks. 

Site note: When searching the summit cheeseburger website for 'Bloody', the first result yielded is 'Bloody Dick Peak'  I think I will pass. 

Anyways, back on task.  I found myself a nice prop, snapped a photo, and feasted to my heart's content. 


Second Cheeseburger in Paradise

After Upheaval Dome we drove 5 miles through the falling snow to the next objective; Aztec Butte.  Aztec Butte trail has some indian artifacts.  A few granary's are located here.  They're empty.  We looked.  We followed the cairns to the top of Aztec Butte.  The hike to the top was cold and wet and the view wasnt all that spectacular.  We had maybe 100 yards of visibility.  The Cheeseburgers made up for the lack of a view. 

Cheeseburgers in Paradise

Moab in March=Paradise. Or so we thought.  Our original plan was to ride the famous White Rim Trail in Canyonlands.  100 miles on mountain bikes over three days.  When we went to pick up camping permits we were informed that even the Park Rangers on patrol on the trail had to turn back due to the ice on the trail and there was more wet and snowy weather due on Saturday.  hmmm... Good thing someone in our party (me!!) had thought of another option! 

Contigency plans are always best made in advance and I had perused the Summit Cheeseburger data base prior to our departure to find suitable summits.  There were 4.  So I made burgers and hoped the rest of the group would go along.

Saturday dawned and the weather was too cold, wet and snowy to mountain bike so we drove out to Canyonlands. Our first objective was Upheaval Dome.  Some say it was formed by a meteor impact.  Others think it was a Salt Dome.  I thought it was a perfect place to enjoy a delicious cheeseburger.

Holliday Hill. Hannibal, MO

Following the ascent of Harrison Hill in Hannibal, I hustled across town to Holliday Hill in Hannibal.  

Short report here:

  1. Drive up a series of badly potholed roads, each one steeper than the one before.
  2. Arrive at the top of Holliday Hill, and have a surprisingly good view of the Mississippi River Valley in between the houses.
  3. Step outside of car, pose for burger shot on the road.
  4. Hear a door to a house open behind me, and immediately after hear "BOY, WHAT YOU DOING?!".
  5. Quickly realize that he's a lot bigger and angrier than me.
  6. Poorly explain Summit Cheeseburger while retreating.
  7. Accept that urban mountaineering is far more dangerous than any Himalayan Peak. 

Harrison Hill. Hannibal, MO

The destination was Hannibal, Missouri for a few days, and I felt it necessary to research the local topography for some accessible summits.  I think it was meant to be, as I found two summits that did not require leaving the road (For those who have read my previous posts, you'll know that this is just the way I like 'em).

The first stop was Harrison Hill, a pretty simple drive up the aptly named Harrison Hill Road:

I waited a brief moment for trafic to subside and assumed the position with the lovely golf course view. 

 Whatever this one lacked in taste it made up for in comfort.  Next.

Triathlon with a Summitcheeseburger bonus

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  1. Ski Pebble Creek Ski Area in Inkom, Idaho
  2. Soak in Lava Hot Springs
  3. Snowshoe near the Dome in Clifton, Idaho


The great part about the trip was being able to stay with Chuck and Jeanie at their geodesic dome home overlooking Twin Lakes, Idaho.  Being driving distance to Pebble Creek Ski Area and Lava Hot Springs, and a walk out the door to a Cheeseburger Summit, the dome was a perfect base for the Idaho adventure weekend.  We could see the peak from the dome, and on the map it looked to be about 2 or 3 miles away, so we donned our snowshoes and set off down the hill, across frozen and snow-covered Twin Lakes, over hills and fields covered with sage, snow, and lots of deer, and up to the peak.  The day was cool, crisp, partly sunny, and filled with incredibly beautiful views in all directions of rural Idaho and distant mountains.   Luckily Chuck had hamburger in the freezer that Groundround could fry up for the tasty cheeseburgers that we consumed at the summit.

Snowshoeing across Twin Lakes.  Little Mountain is the peak on the far right in the distance.

Almost there.

Found the survey marker.

Cheeseburgers on top.

Apres cheeseburgersummitting in front of the dome.