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The Mission:
To encourage, enable, and document the consumption of a Cheeseburger on every summit on earth.

North Doublehead, NH; Trish, Alex, Sage, and Max Herr. June 28, 2012

For some reason,  I can't figure out how to post photos on this site.  You can view all the pictures on my Facebook Page here:

We've wanted to do a Summit Cheeseburger hike for some time now, but it's difficult to find a peak that's a) close to a place that sells cheeseburgers and b) has a trail that's relatively short (we wanted to eat our burgers while they were still hot!).  We finally decided on North Doublehead in Jackson, NH.  We were at the trailhead fifteen minutes after purchasing our cheeseburgers at the McDonalds in North Conway.

Old Path was 0.6 miles of STEEP!  The pictures don't do the grade justice.

Once at the intersection, we turned left and were soon at the cabin.



We took the Doublehead Ski Trail down.  The Ski Trail was a great way to descend -- moderately graded and much easier on the knees!

'Twas a nice 3.3 mile hike.

Hikers and cheeseburger eaters: Trish Herr, Alexandra Herr (age 9), Sage Herr (age 7), and Max (border terrier)