I could make it stop if I raised my arm over my head but then the hair on my arm would stand up

It wouldnt be a true adventure unless theres some bushwacking involved.

Posted Mon, 09/12/2017 - 23:45

So we continued up and up across steep talus slopes and about a half hour later made our way back to the trail. I was starving and the summit was thrilled to finally make it to the summit where Refski's classic cheeseburgers with fresh tomato were consumed. Sierra and I took a look at the trail the Mt Monte Christo and decided we didnt feel like hiking over there so we watched with great interest as Refski headed over there alone

Finally, the stars aligned and he informed me that, after a long hiatus, he was ready to conquer a couple summits His research showed 4 peaks that could possibly be done in one day but we decided to try for just two, as I had a mountain bike ride (also at Snowbasin) with Sierra planned immediately preceeding the Cheeseburger Festivites We met at the Needles Gondola and Soontohaveastroke advised me that he had spoken with a Snowbasin employee who told him that after exiting the Needles Gondola, to take a shortcut down a ski run and then it would be about a 20 minute walk to Strawberry Peak

Sierra was not amused.

Posted Wed, 04/08/2010 - 11:33

Someone had thoughtfully sunk a post into the peak for Soontohaveastroke to hanf onto...for dear life Please note the white knuckes in the cheeseburger photo. You can also see Strawberry Peak in the background But injuries and life in general kept getting in the way

Well, turns out that employee was a wealth of mis-information. An hour and twenty minutes later, after walking under the blistering sun we finally reached Strawberry Peak


Hikers with Summits: 121

Summits Completed: 632

Cheeseburgers Served: 1374

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So we bushwacked our way across the hill to the trail and arrived at the Cardiff Pass (aka Pole line pass) a short while later. We followed the ridge south for a while and as we ascended up the flank of Mt Superior we lost the trail Damnit.

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